july 2023

ATC – All Things Communicate with Nexity for the digital communication of its new residential project Mirari in San Donato Milanese

The digital communication for Residenze Mirari developed by ATC

The Italian division of the real estate multinational company once again entrusts ATC - All Things Communicate to curate the launch on online channels of its latest residential project.

A new step of the collaboration with Nexity Italia, which ATC developed a digital ecosystem for, in order to bring together both the brand website and the single projects (you can read all about it here).

After the launch of LAC in late 2022, we similarly took care of the communication for Mirari, with the creation of assets aiming at announcing the news and giving it resonance online.

The strategy included the creation of a website about the project - ATC designed the layout, developed it and assured synergetic functionalities with the backend platform. The website was at first made up of a single scroll-down page where the user could find the main information and register their interest by either asking to get updates or directly booking a meeting. Then, the website evolved with the addition of new sections to explain in depth details about the apartments up for sale, about the architectural project and the location.

The websites are linked to a “listing page” where the user can view floorplans and prices of every apartment available and – if enabled – book online the apartment of their choosing.

With the aim of amplifying the online visibility of the website and the new project, we have developed social media and Google adv campaigns in stages. For the first campaign, we created posts and videos presenting Mirari and driving users to its webpage. The second phase involved materials communicating the commercial promotion for the launch, with 4% off of the price of the apartments.


The creative concept applied to the communication materials took inspiration from the geometrical shapes of the architectural design and the logo, using its straight lines as a graphic device to create compositions of images, give dynamism and place the user inside the atmosphere of the new residential project.

To support the campaigns, content for the brand’s social media channels such as reels and posts was created to show, through rendering, the architectural style of the project and some suggestions for interior design. Moreover, an email journey has been addressed to Nexity leads – newsletter subscribers and those who had registered on the Mirari website – to keep them updated.


Posts ATC created for Nexity social media accounts to increase awareness on Mirari