online brand identity by Atc for Nexity, important player real estate

Nexity Italia: web and digital design

A new visual identity for the digital ecosystem of a major real estate player

  • Brand Assessment
  • UX Strategy
  • Concept & Content Creation
  • Web Design & Digital Activation
  • Photo editing
  • Video Editing
  • Websites
  • Digital strategy
  • Photo shoot
  • Shooting video and editing
  • Back end and CRM integration
year 2018
The online identity of Nexity: the challenges of the Italian market

With a portfolio of excellent residential projects, the French Nexity Group has for years been a leading player in the real estate sector both at home and abroad. We were approached by the Italian division of the company, to create a corporate site capable of interpreting the Group’s brand values ​​and highlighting their undisputed role in the residential construction sector.

One of the most complex aspects to deal with was undoubtedly the existence of multiple “digital identities” relating to the brand: on the one hand, there is the Group’s site in Italy, while on the other there are independent mini-sites, intended for the promotion of various residential projects, consequently diversified in terms of look & feel, communication messages and brand identity.

Our intervention, therefore, also had to take into consideration the development of the mini-sites of the residences under construction: in particular their ability to support a dialogue with the corporate site.

the corporate site towards a brand “hub”

ATC’s proposal aimed to rethink the existing logic in favour of a redistribution of information and functional weights between the various nodes of the Nexity digital ecosystem.
We made the corporate site a brand “hub”, featuring a showcase of projects and many commercial and marketing functions previously delegated to the mini-sites.

In terms of design and user experience, our efforts were directed above all to conveying a sense of the uniqueness and distinction of the Nexity brand.

In the proposed architecture, the projects section also needed to play a key role, providing physical evidence and a lens focusing on the Group’s excellence and quality.

The user experience is conceived of as that of the buyer, opening the door of their new home corporate website SEO oriented and designed for optimal navigation

Perfectly integrated with the customer’s CRM, the new corporate website is the central asset of Nexity’s digital brand identity. The experience of the user landing on their homepage is conceived of as that of the new buyer, opening the door of their new home with complete satisfaction: a compact layout that concludes with the tight frame of the viewport, but, through the use of great videos – opens up into a full screen header to generate impact, involvement and curiosity.

And just like moving into a new home, finding your way around is simple, thanks to intuitive navigation and a simple, linear information architecture.

The content is designed in a fluid way can move smoothly from the web interface to printable supporting material: this follows the Group’s company profile, an important touchpoint in a multi-channel strategy developed by starting with the website. corporate website responsive mobile
The mini-sites: storytelling designed for lead generation

Designed to maintain visual consistency in terms of fonts and stylistic details with,, the first landing page, one of three developed for the new Nexity residential projects in the Milanese metropolitan area, uses the actual and metaphorical contrast between exterior and interior spaces, taking the user on a journey of discovery: by moving from the neighbourhood to the apartment itself, the details of the property offer are gradually revealed in the three pages of the site. is the mini website for real estate group Nexity Italia

The site features a conservative information architecture with navigation links always accessible through a slide-in sidebar. There is a hierarchy of contents that, in its mark-up, exploits the potential of the tag <section> for a division of texts into autonomous sections of content, each optimizable for search engines based on specific keywords. In this way, each of the three pages of content serves to gain better positioning in search results, guaranteeing at the same time a richness of content with a visually engaging interface.