Nexity: reimagining the user experience

A new corporate website that thinks beyond the framework of the industry’s conventional digital strategies.

  • Brand Assessment
  • UX Strategy
  • Concept & Content Creation
  • Web Design & Digital Activation
  • Photo editing
  • Video Editing
  • Corporate Website
  • Digital strategy
  • Photo shooting
  • Video interviews concept and editing
  • Back end development and CRM integration
year 2018

Nexity asked us for a website to best represent the company on the Italian market – a top-of- the-range digital platform which would be both dynamic and personalized.

We saw an opportunity to enhance the value of the brand by focusing on its projects and know-how, highlighting Nexity’s indisputable status as a key player in the international real estate sector.

One of the challenges for the brand was its multiple digital identities: there was a corporate landing page, social pages and a separate website about each property location.

This strategy of creating different landing pages or websites to promote each residential project is a common feature of brands within the Italian real estate sector. It caters for the fact that different apartments and condominiums / other residential properties have a very specific target customer audience. All their marketing and communications features should, therefore, adhere to a common “style”.

While this may be functional in terms of the recognizability of each individual project, it could hamper the creation of a solid brand presence on digital channels.

our approach

Our design framework for this project consisted of different layers of intervention.

Starting with the corporate identity, we devised a platform that could dialogue with all the other elements of the brand ecosystem, the landing pages of the individual projects.

A key aspect of our proposal has been to concentrate on the corporate website’s series of commercial and marketing functionalities - login, private area, apartment prices and typology lists. This has been helped to reinforce brand recognition.

We carefully considered how design, in terms of UX, layout and interactivity, could help convey the unique feel of the brand. We perceived that the homepage had to be authoritative and bold: capturing users’ attention, sparking their curiosity and conveying the essence of the brand.

At the same time, we had to display the excellence of our clients’ work in a suitable fashion: the collection of the burgeoning brand portfolio in one pivotal section became a central feature of the design.


Perfectly integrated with our client’s CRM, the website functions fully as a core asset of the entire brand identity. It embodies Nexity’s values of trustworthiness, safety, reliability and innovation, by means of both usability and design choices.

We wanted the user who lands on the homepage to feel as if they were opening a door leading to Nexity’s world: the full-video header carousel welcomes visitors and in a few seconds offers an informative glimpse of this significant French group, as well as its values, mission and approach to customer service.

Just as if you were in your own home, you can move freely around the website, thanks to a straightforward information architecture with simple, intuitive navigation and a focus on the core content reflected in the projects - the physical evidence of Nexity’s professional activities and its corporate culture. The site is gracefully enlivened by interactive elements and animated effects.

We wanted the user who lands on the homepage to feel as if they were opening a door leading to Nexity’s world