january 2023

Nexity chooses ATC – All Things Communicate for the digital communication of its residential project LAC in Milan

The digital communication designed and developed by ATC for Residenze LAC

The partnership between the real estate brand and ATC moves onto a new step to communicate and promote the launch of Nexity’s latest residential project.

ATC’s involvement in the creation of Nexity’s digital ecosystem, which you can read all about here, moves forward. In the last few months, ATC has worked to broaden this digital scenario with the assets for the promotion of the next Nexity project in Milan.

To communicate the new Residenze LAC, ATC created websites on this project, online adv campaigns and additional digital communication assets.

Throughout all the materials developed, the creative strategy emphasizes the uniqueness of the location chosen for this project that directly looks out on the green scenery and the lakes of Parco delle Cave. The copy, paired with the renderings that allow users to picture the project once completed, highlighted the main features of the architectural design and the qualities of the apartments.

For the graphic part, the logo belonging to the visual identity of the project was disassembled and its wavy lines were used as a recurring motif on all assets in order to have distinguishable and recognizable graphic elements throughout the whole communication.

Initially, the website ATC created was a single scroll-down webpage that would introduce the project by giving the main information about the area, the architectural planning, the apartments and the services offered. The visualization also included a form fixed on the page during the scrolling where the users could leave their personal information to receive emails about this residential project. This webpage has also worked as landing page for the first phase of the digital campaign developed to raise awareness on this new project.

The page was expanded when the commercial launch of the apartments took place. In this way, the website came to include more information and a higher degree of interactivity.
The LAC website assures consistency to both the structure of the other websites ATC created for Nexity’s residential projects, the content of the previous landing page and the brand image established through all LAC communication materials.
The website is split into sections where the user can find all the characteristics of the project, supported by interactive tools to explore the floorplans and discover the garden areas.
Moreover, a button placed in the section “Apartments” drives the users to the page where they can find all the details regarding each living solution available and book it online, a function made possible thanks to the connection with the back-end management platform.



The adv campaign, split in more phases, involved several assets and digital channels: image and video ads on Facebook and Instagram, banners on Google Display and search ads.

In order to inform about LAC and to support this paid communication, content for the social media editorial plan and other digital assets - including banners, an article on the Nexity blog and DEM sent to clients and prospects - were created.


Some examples of the digital ads by ATC aimed at driving social media users to the LAC website