We shape ambitious projects

With a solid strategic vision and a creative flair continuously reinventing itself, we identify and craft the most appropriate opportunities to bring value to your brand.

all things communicate

Blending the rationale of end-to-end communications with the mindset and methods of design thinking, our approach gives us an original perspective on each creative job. ATC is about seeing every instance of communication as a building block in a complete, integrated project. We start with a simple question: how can we help our clients leverage their communication to gain a competitive advantage?
The final result: solutions that are tailored to the traits of each customer segment, and to the characteristics of each touchpoint or channel. Our solutions are bold and demand attention; they are also targeted and precise, allowing you to stay on track at each stage of your customers’ journey and at every touchpoint. Through a careful analysis and comprehension of the context, your users' needs and your business objectives, we enable you to engage with your customers in a more meaningful and strategic way.

How we manage the creative process The ATC framework applies the stimulating possibilities of design thinking to traditional communications and branding theories, finding original ways to spark innovation in given product-service systems. Reflecting today’s multi-layered consumption patterns, we have moved away from the idea of products as simple physical objects, which are offered to an undifferentiated audience.
Faceted and complex, any offering today is composed of both tangible and intangible elements: the product, the service and their communication. ATC covers all the key areas. We specialise in problem-solving and tailored communication to help you get your message across and marketing solutions for your products. We identify 3 fundamental steps in our process of value-creation. Each of them is associated with two important activities:

framework ATC design-thinking for branding and end to end communications

An ever-changing economic, social and media landscape is leading to an exponential increase in possibilities for brands in every industry. While this means that companies of all sizes can enjoy diverse opportunities for growth, huge challenges still lie ahead. To navigate complexity with confidence, brands must empathise with their consumers, anticipate their needs, know their market completely and have a clear understanding of what their business objectives are.

Helping you unearth unique opportunities

Great answers come from asking the right questions. We identify the marketing levers which are necessary to initiate the creative process. We observe, study and interpret: the evolution of the market environment, the hottest consumer trends, the character traits and personality of the brand and, meeting the needs of the user.

trend & landscape analysis
competitor insights
brand assessment
Defining winning strategies

As we drill down into the insights obtained through research, we can define the ideal path which leads from your business objectives to identifying the creative outputs needed. We are also able to craft clear strategies to better serve you and your clients.

brand strategy
communication strategy
ux strategy
customer journey mapping

Armed with a strategic mindset, the creative imagination can add value to the product system at every stage of the user journey. Precision-guided and with the benefit of foresight for each touchpoint, our creative solutions add lustre to campaigns that resonate with your audience at a deeper level.

Telling irresistible stories

We live in the insanely noisy information era. Companies of all sizes face an unprecedented level of competition to win and retain new business. We help you find a voice for your products and brand values, through unforgettable concepts, designed to get your message across and tangible results at each communication touchpoint.

concept & content creation
social media
Designing to make you stand out

We translate our ideas into drivers for change. With over 25 years of experience and cross-disciplinary know-how, we make each concept strikingly visible through materials and content which leave a mark on the mind of the consumer / user.

packaging design
POS activation
web design & digital activation
events & exhibition
internal communication and engagement

We love to experiment in our creative output, but we never lose sight of the fact that our objective is to enable brands to engage with consumers in a rewarding dialogue. The quality of your communication materials and content form part of the physical evidence of the value of your brand.

Providing fresh solutions for your real needs

We always focus on achieving your goals in order to make sure our outputs stay relevant for your brand at each stage of the customer journey. Fresh, creative thinking, engaging consumers and adhering to brand values: these are the staples in a process which never loses sight of your overall objectives.

6 Living up to your highest expectations

Our motto is: “Excellence can’t stand compromising”. A keen eye for detail and perfect execution are proof of our commitment to deliver five-star solutions for your projects, thanks to our expertise in many inter-related fields: from digital to print, from retail design to packaging.

pre press & local adaptation
3D modeling
photo editing
video editing
digital Libraries
web to print


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