Levissima is the water that promotes values such as mountain purity and outdoor lifestyle

Levissima and ATC together

From on-pack communications to different consumer levers

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Levissima shelf communication Strengthening of brand identity and promoted values

With graphic restyling, promotional materials and special editions, ATC supports Levissima in the realization of projects aimed at reinforcing its brand identity on the shelf and promoting its values, such as its associations with mountains, sport, nature and open-air living, among adults, and with the Issima range, among the smallest. Levissima’s commitment to sustainability is highlighted by the ECO range, with 100% recyclable bottles, which communicates its strong points through a dedicated graphic design.

Mountain water to protect the environment Sustainability in the successful Ricicliamo Insieme project

Sustainability is at the heart of the Levissima R-PET bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, the first to be launched in Italy. The labels and packs designed by ATC celebrate the call to action "Ricicliamo Insieme" (Let's recycle together) with a green treatment reminiscent of handmade stylistic features, promoting the perception of naturalness in a communicative framework in which the behaviour of each individual is fundamental for the future of the planet.

A design that won ATC the first prize in the packaging category at the 2022 edition of the Key Awards for its relevance to Levissima's positioning and for its ability to aesthetically highlight the simplicity of the act of recycling, proactively involving consumers in a collective action to protect the environment.

Attention to formats One bottle for each activity

Each format is designed with its own particular use in mind: the 1.5L format for drinking water at home, the 1 Litre size to take to the office, the 75cl format being ideal for sports activities and the 50cl version suitable for every occasion. All the bottles are united by an institutional graphic layout with the mountain as the protagonist, thus highlighting the purity of the water. However, they differ in the special promotions communicated on the TRB or for particular touch points, for example the sponsorship of sporting events, as in the case of the Milan Marathon, the International Tennis Association or endorsement by FISI (the Italian Winter Sports Federation). Deserving a separate chapter is the work done by the agency in recent years for the 33cl format dedicated to children, Levissima Issima, which can be found HERE.

All-round communication From stores to highways, to your house: assets for consumer engagement

In order to integrate the communication shown on bottles and bundles, ATC has developed strategical assets for points of sales, including totems and standing display units. For outdoor communication, we designed the dressing of a 100% electric e-truck, with the concept “Zero emissions on our way”. Lastly, we completed the consumer-targeted communication with leaflets and stickers aimed at enforcing and spreading the values promoted by the brand: in this way, Levissima creates an inspirational path that guides shoppers all along their customer journey and make every project stand out.