The packaging from 2017 to 2023 designed by ATC for Issima

Levissima Issima and the creativity of ATC

Enhancing the evocative impact of periodic special editions

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year 2016-2023
Levissima Issima is the water that makes young and old happy Values that “set the standard”

These are the colourful 33 cl bottles that promote children's hydration and accompany them on every path of discovery with the purity of Levissima water. The Issima range changes its look year after year according to the specific releases, all oriented towards collectability: from series inspired by alpine sports to licensing packaging celebrating children's favourite brands and characters, often combined with communication materials for large-scale retail outlets that add a theatrical touch to the point of sale.

Different creativity for different seasons ATC follows Issima's growth step by step... and that of consumers too

Issima's identity has changed over the years, as have the tastes of shoppers. ATC is the company that has followed this gradual path step by step, developing different packaging and pop materials - both structurally and creatively - always keeping as its guiding star the on-shelf impact of a top sub-brand for Levissima water. The first phase of Issima saw the creation of editions with a look that was more “young” than “kids”, marked by a consistently alpine mood, with modern graphic solutions and eye-catching copy, consistent with promotional activities centred on mountains.

Packaging licensing: Issima's new course From Alvin to the Minions, from Paw Patrol to Trolls, from Trudi to the Smurfs: always under the "direction" of ATC

Over the years, Issima's success has been increasingly established in the large-scale retail trade, thanks to the choice of proposing the characters and brands most loved by children (but also by parents!) on the sleeves of the bottles. In addition to the multi-subject on-pack graphics, the agency has created specific consumer materials: leaflets rich in content that is both institutional and playful, graphic gadgets of various types and, of course, strategic in-store materials such as displays and floor graphics.

After the Alvin, Minions, Paw Patrol and fluorescent Trolls series, in 2022 it was the turn of a double partnership for Levissima, with Trudi and the Stelvio National Park. An operation in the name of sustainability that has allocated grants to encourage the preservation of some of the park's protected species, such as the wolf and the bearded vulture. ATC took care of the launch in its entirety, from packaging to materials for consumers and influencers, designing as part of the assets a leaflet with educational sections and colouring pages plus a precious gift box containing 6 Trudi soft toys and 6 Issima bottles. In 2023, it was the turn of the Smurfs and their love for Mother Nature. In the substantial leaflet designed by ATC, there is a little bit of everything: the chronology of the brand's commitments to the planet, tips on sustainability, games to learn how to recycle properly, new colouring sections and removable stickers for family fun.