Silvia Podestà
E-commerce and physical shops amidst shifting consumer behaviour

A look into the economy of uncertainty
In this Trend Café we’ll explore how coronavirus has changed some of the places of trade we were used to, along with the consequences of the lockdown on our shopping behaviours. We’ll cast an eye on e-commerce and on transformed in-store experiences and we’ll also provide some tips and creative insights to stay relevant in this complex scenario.

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Whitepaper - Online marketplaces, local shops, hybrid transactions
Silvia Podestà

Silvia Podestà,
Design & Content Strategist, ATC - All Things Communicate

Donatello Occhibianco - ATC General Manager
Donatello Occhibianco, General Manager - ATC
Karim Ayed - Communication Director ATC
Karim Ayed, Communication Director - ATC

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