Communication futures

What trends today are set to leave a mark on our future?
It’s a safe bet that it will all be about tomorrow’s consumers - the younger generation. In this talk we explored what is that today’s teenagers are likely to expect from marketing campaigns, the potential impact of social media on their physical and psychological well-being and the scenarios that are opening up for the communication and marketing industry.

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Booklet - Teenager forever
Folder - Beyond generations
Presentazione - Teenager forever
Presentazione - Beyond Generations
Richard Cope

Richard Cope, Senior Trends Consultant - Mintel
Richard Cope has 12 years experience bringing the latest consumer and market trends to Mintel clients through bespoke presentations and represents Mintel at global conferences.


Evento in partnership con:
Donatello Occhibianco - ATC General Manager
Donatello Occhibianco, General Manager - ATC
Karim Ayed - Communication Director ATC
Karim Ayed, Communication Director - ATC
Silvia Podestà - Design & Content Strategist
Silvia Podestà, Design & Content Strategist - ATC
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