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Solutions for promoting the Affinity segment

  • UX Strategy
  • Customer Journey Mapping
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  • Web Design & Digital
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  • Portal
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  • LinkedIn campaigns
year 2015-oggi

Operate according to the specificities of the Italian market, in the context of a multinational business, in a sector such as insurance brokerage where compliance is a necessary guarantee of seriousness: working for Willis Towers Watson means offering solutions capable of respecting various "musts" in terms of procedures, guidelines and timing. In particular, the important merger between the two companies, Willis and Towers Watson, involved an extra challenge: a new brand identity and new corporate philosophies required a highly-reactive response from ATC to guarantee, from the point of view of communication, continuity in ongoing projects while fully respecting the new corporate context.

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our approach

For Willis Towers Watson, ATC works mainly in the digital field, integrating its specializations in communication and programming with the culture, systems and platforms of the customer. Within the agency, the synergy between the skills of the content, design and digital departments ensures that the proposed solutions always take into account all the different aspects of successful online communication: from SEO to usability and from user engagement to data analysis.


Among the various activities carried out, the creation of a portal dedicated to the Affinity segment is a striking example. This was followed by numerous online communication initiatives (from direct email to display campaigns, LinkedIn and AdWords). The preparation of content targeted with precision and the creation of a corporate image has added vitality and impact after the change of brand identity, which occurred with the merger, and been the main levers of the success of the project. Moreover, the ability to find the correct balance between the importance of the broker and that of the company providing the specific service is a further confirmation of the effectiveness of the approach used.

Solutions capable of respecting various "musts"s
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