Acqua Brillante, the iconic product of the Italian brand Recoaro

ATC – All Things Communicate sides with Recoaro to make points of sales shine

ATC – All Things Communicate created below the line materials for the iconic Recoaro Acqua Brillante tonic water.

  • Trade & consumer communication
  • Below the line
  • BTL
  • POS activation
  • Visibility toolkit per GDO
  • Leaflet consumer
  • In store materials
year 2022

Recoaro, Italian brand that has been producing waters for nearly a century entrusted ATC with the creation of a communication toolkit to make its tonic water stand out in stores and announce the new 90cl size, which joins the 20cl glass bottle and the 33cl can.

“In collaborating with such an important brand, our goal was the in-store glorification of its flagship product through a series of assets that could emphasize its most appealing features”, explains Patrizia Baffa, Account Director, ATC – All Things Communicate.

Firstly, ATC took care of the creation of a totem that, thanks to its bottle-shaped silhouette remindful of the new size, can help grab the consumers’ attention in stores. The project aims to communicate the freshness of the product while respecting the brand and its history. The message informing of the news is accompanied by copy that underlines the qualities of the drink, like its versality, also evoked through the visual elements.

The path to purchase is also favoured thanks to the other materials designed by ATC for the GDO channel: the wobbler and the standing display unit that will hold the three different sizes of this tonic water.

Last but not least, ATC created a leaflet to complement the product: this tool explains its characteristics in detail and provides examples on how to mix Acqua Brillante with other ingredients to fully enjoy the many tasting possibilities it offers.

For each one of the materials, the graphics use the colour palette of the packaging and reflect the brand identity present on all Acqua Brillante communication.