Dynamic Ads Google Display to promote Purinashop.it

Purina: dynamic ads and micro-targeting on Google Display

Creation of a set of dynamic banners to promote the Purinashop e-commerce site in a multi-target campaign on a display network

  • Branding
  • Video editing
  • Web design & digital activation
  • 3d modeling
  • Photo editing
  • Digital assets
  • Banner display
  • Video true view
  • Page feed
How to market pet food brands to diverse audiences Challenge: a multitarget ADW campaign

For the launch of Purinashop.it, the new e-commerce site dedicated to the nutrition and wellbeing of dogs and cats, Purina has chosen Atc for the research, design and delivery of a creative solution for online announcements for the display network.
The project aimed to exploit the power of dynamic Google ads to convey micro-targeted messages, customizable according to the characteristics of certain audience segments: from users interested in the world of pets in general, to prospects with different levels of familiarity with Purina and its brands, up to existing customers to be engaged with precision re-targeting actions.

Creativity on animated banner ADW display for Purina
Dynamic ads for Purinashop The identity of the Purina brands in direct and essential dynamic ads

Starting from four macro-segments identified by the audience analysis, corresponding to users’ four phases of acquisition in the purchase funnel, we considered different ways of delivering the messages, each aimed at intercepting user’s precise intentions while they searched, as previously identified in the analysis.
The calibrated use of visuals and texts was tailored for users with a specific unique interest among the various brands and portfolio products. Particular attention was paid to the enhancement of the brand identity of individual marques -despite the limits of space and time imposed by the banner formats, true view video and native ads - and the immediacy of messages and calls to action, personalized according to the audience.

Our team designed and created a dynamic set of creative assets with the HTML5 Google Web Designer tool and was responsible for setting up and managing the page feed.

Banner, true view video and native advertising, personalized according to the audience.

A synergistic work between creative team, customer, media centre and Google that has led, on one hand, to enhancing Purinashop.it’s extensive inventory of products and the in-depth pages of its blog, and on the other, to capturing relevant consumer research data with differentiated characteristics and awareness of the Purina brands.