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Nespresso Offices re-design

How we turned the workplace into a brand retrospective

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Nespresso’s heritage takes central stage. Everyday

Nespresso is one of the most influential brands in the world and, until recently, its headquarter offices in Lausanne, Switzerland, weren’t very much conveying the sense of exclusivity that consumers associate to its coffee experience.

ATC - All Things Communicate proposed a fresher and more contemporary take on their indoor spaces. “Brand retrospective” was the fit-for-purpose concept behind the whole design - the idea that Nespresso should have its heritage speak volumes about the brand, not just in consumer-oriented communication, but also inside the workplace.

By making its most iconic photos stand out in corridors and in break areas - through devices which are somewhat reminiscent of artistic displays, like canvas frames and LED downlights - and working closely with our clients on contents and materials, our team staged a composite brand narration, made up of pictures, texts, graphic elements, lights and shadows.

All elements are combined and set up in a visually balanced environment, with a sober colour palette, minimalist canvas frames, and descriptive information juxtaposed to visuals in the shape of short captions.

the new offices: a composite brand narration, made of photography, texts, lights, shadows

Beside the creative concept, the design and the physical production of all materials, our team managed the entire set-up of the space, coordinating with the client’s team and delivering the outputs timely.

Like in our project for the new Purina House, we aimed at re-interpreting the offices not just as a better workplace, but rather as spaces to live, to enjoy and to feel good in, with lasting impact on employees and visitors as well.

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