Nescafé Fusion coffee machine and beveraged in ATC's launch for Nestlé Professional

The new Nescafé Fusion coffee machine reaches B2B audiences worldwide with strategy and creativity from ATC - All Things Communicate

The positioning and international communications strategy for the launch of Nestlé Professional's new Nescafé Fusion coffee machine has been created by ATC - All Things Communicate: the result of a fruitful collaboration between agency and client.

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Aimed at the B2B market, the new Nescafé Fusion by Nestlé Professional represents a significant evolution compared to previous models, both in terms of the versatility of the menu offerings, which include filter coffee and plant-based alternatives to milk-based beverages, and in terms of a sustainable approach to building material and energy savings, reinforced by the fact that the machines are manufactured in factories powered by renewable energy sources.

The strategic phase began with a workshop involving all Nestlé Professional's internal stakeholders, including technicians, sales and marketing, together with ATC and the machine designers. This session examined all technical, functional and aesthetic feature to facilitate their translation into a clear and differentiating value proposition.

Following the workshop, ATC mapped out a communication territory, which came to life in a manifesto and, above all, in the key concept “choice matters”, designed to synthesise both the wide choice offered by the machine in terms of options (for the different needs of each business) and beverages (for the end consumer), and the importance of making a conscious choice in terms of sustainability.

This key concept inspired the key visual, in which the new machine is placed in a natural context with a selection of drinks to represent at a glance the two pillars of sustainability and versatility.

Starting from this “master”, the two different B2B and B2C toolkits were created, focusing on the one hand on coherence in respect of the key concept and, of course, the Nescafé brand identity; and on the other hand on ensuring that each individual asset was finalised in such a way as to maximise its effectiveness in terms of its specific role in the customer journey.

The B2B toolkit was created with the aim of providing markets with a set of versatile materials that would allow them to dominate online spaces, particularly LinkedIn, both owned and paid. In particular, while ad hoc posts were created for paid communication, a selection of key messages was prepared for owned media, from which the most effective and tailored communication could be developed independently. In addition to the LinkedIn kit, also videos, EDMs and a sales brochure were provided; the latter, to integrate a predominantly digital toolkit with a physical support.

For the B2C communication, ATC and Nestlé Professional provided the markets with a full range of materials covering the path to purchase, from the attraction/awareness phase outside the premises where the machine is installed, to the Nescafé Fusion itself, with crowners and side panels inviting the consumer to try it and illustrating the versatility of the offer; not forgetting the development of both engaging and informative content, particularly in relation to the brand's commitment to sustainability, dedicated to the screen of the machine, an "obligatory" touch point for the consumer and therefore of particular interest.

At the same time, ATC worked hand in hand with the Nestlé Professional marketing team to co-create the sales deck for sales representatives in different markets around the world, designing a modular sales support and information tool that could be easily adapted to the different types of target audience: prospects or acquired customers.

"Crafting a launch from strategy to execution of the various online and offline materials allows ATC to use all its talents and this is definitely one of those assignments where the ongoing relationship between agency and client pays off," comments Account Manager Marta Tagliaferri.

Adds Communications Director Karim Ayed: “Enjoying a broader vision and following the transition from the characteristics of a product to its communication positioning is one of the most interesting moments of our work. From this point of view, the integration of ATC's strategic and creative departments meant that each phase of the work was handled by the specific professionals within the agency, from the competitive analysis to the elaboration of the communication territory and the key concept, from the creation of the visual to the declination on the various digital materials, always maintaining a coherent and constant direction throughout all the phases".