The project by ATC to renew More digital strategy

The new digital strategy for More

The strategy consulting company refreshes its multichannel online communication with ATC – All Things Communicate.

  • Brand strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Concept & content creation
  • Web design
  • Website
  • Digital strategy
  • Social media plan
  • Social Media Management

More Laboratorio di Organizzazione, a business consulting company specialised in the pharma industry, entrusted ATC – All Things Communicate to boost its online brand presence.

Upgraded navigability on the corporate website

The starting point was the revision of some elements on the brand website, which is the main digital touchpoint to introduce and communicate the company. In order to improve user experience, some sections of the homepage and of the site have been optimised, allowing for smoother navigation.

The secondary page containing downloadable pdf documents has been turned into a browsable archive where the user can find case histories, success stories and insights into the methodologies used in the many projects by the company.

Texts in both languages have been made SEO-compliant to help search engine rankings.

The optimisation of the corporate website
A new editorial strategy for the LinkedIn page

After analysing the current performances of the page and of the content previously posted, the strategy for the LinkedIn editorial plan was revised, with objectives such as improving recognisability through a clear and distinguishable brand identity, increasing awareness of the services offered by the company, bringing value to users through informative and in-depth content, and stimulating engagement and content circulation.

In order to answer to these necessities, we identified new thematic areas for the content of the editorial plan, each with unique and identifying graphic elements, in order to make the brand identity explicit and ensure consistency throughout the feed.

Posts providing accounts of experiences and projects have been preserved, as they represent an important asset to show More professionals at work and introduce the team, creating a more personal connection with users, but the graphic of this kind of posts was restyled to convey recognisability and consistency.

The new section on the website containing case histories has been integrated into the editorial plan thanks to a new category of posts dedicated to sharing expertise through short informative carousels inviting people to delve deeper into the topic on the site.

Another area has been included to offer insights into changes in the pharmaceutical market, encouraging debate on hot topics.

The last category for the editorial plan is dedicated to company news, with images chosen according to each specific topic.

After defining thematic areas, graphic templates and topics, the single posts were developed with engaging titles and an eye-catching graphic design, in line with the visual identity shown on the site.