The new range of healthy flavoured waters by Levissima

Levissima Natura in retail spaces with ATC - All Things Communicate

The materials designed for the launch of the new line of flavoured waters in the Grocery channel

  • Trade & consumer communication
  • Below the line
  • POS activation
  • Key visual
  • Visibility toolkit per GDO
  • Visibility toolkit per OOH
  • Adv trade
An innovative product for a brand that needs no introduction

ATC - All Things Communicate has been commissioned to manage the global launch project in the grocery channel for Levissima Natura, a range of drinks with a healthy positioning that combines the purity of Levissima water with selected 100% natural mountain ingredients. The process is that of cold infusion, which maintains the distinctive characteristics of the ingredients unaltered, giving a unique taste and enhancing the product’s aromatic notes. There could not have been a more suitable project to consolidate the partnership between Levissima and ATC, which is particularly long-lasting and productive.

Key visuals for supermarkets and a variety of Natura materials for the retail world

With a direct link to Natura's slogan "Regenerates you with its 100% natural taste", ATC has designed a key visual that enhances the naturalness of the cold infusion: a splash of the drink on which flowers and fruit, representative of the three varieties launched, are placed. Entering into the heart of the retail assets, the agency designed a series of durable and non-durable, conventional and "special" materials, which made the theatricalization and engagement of the shopper from the supermarket entrance to the on-shelf area their strong point. ATC's long experience in the POS sector has enabled it to deal with the entire consumer journey with a strategic and rational approach, skilfully balancing communication-information tools and display effectiveness.

Informing the trade, presiding over the Out Of Home channel

While the advertising page dedicated to the sales force was able to rationalise and accurately communicate the added value of the range compared to that of competing drinks, the agency's work for Natura also reached the consumer through the strategic locations of Autogrill and MyChef, with the development of communication materials relevant to the context where they were used, sometimes combined with dynamic promotions. They communicated to travellers the mood and the reasons to believe in a drink with a natural and very special spirit. And, above all, Levissima.