ATC -All Things Communicate cura il lancio globale di Meritene Immuno

With Meritene Immuno, ATC promotes cellular nutrition for the immune system

Our launch project dedicated to Immuno, the most innovative supplement among the Meritene range.

  • Branding
  • Concept & content creation
  • Product launch
  • Corporate e consumer communication
  • Below the line
  • Digital activation
  • Video
  • Video editing
  • Big idea
  • Spot TV 20” e 10”
  • YouTube Pre-roll
  • ADV
  • Folder trade
  • Leaflet consumer
  • In store materials
  • Display campaign
  • Social campaign
  • Landing page
  • DEM saga
Handling a European launch with a substantial B2B and B2C toolkit

A long and fruitful collaboration between ATC – All Things communicate and Nestlé Health Science (NHS)(. Years of shared projects, major challenges and achievements. The Italian market, in particular, has become the main benchmark for the management of Meritene, a leading brand in the adult supplement segment with the highest number of items launched. In the second half of 2020 a new assignment for ATC arrived: to manage the launch in Italy and Spain of Meritene Immuno, the latest NHS brand.

Enhancing the added value of Meritene Immuno

A challenge faced by ATC and coordinated with a global vision, anchored to Meritene Immuno brand positioning. An integrator with a distinctive value proposition, able to raise its profile compared to the numerous pharmaceutical offerings with an "immunity" focus, which have proliferated since the Covid-19 pandemic took hold. Immuno boasts a formula that focuses on the cellular regeneration of the immune system thanks to a unique mix of amino acids, called GlyNAC, which supports glutathione, the most important antioxidant against cellular decay; the complete mix is supported by the complementary role of vitamins and minerals.

A cellular-oriented strategy at the centre of the TV commercial

How, therefore, should the innovation theme be given prominence? The first step was to map competitors on a European scale, highlighting the semantic-conceptual areas with the highest potential. From this analysis, ATC proposed to the markets a big idea strongly related to the DNA of the product, identifying in its cellular support the beating heart of the storytelling. In the 20-second TV commercial (also made for Italy in a 10-second version for TV and a 6-second version for the web), the female protagonist, using an authoritative tone, explains to the consumer an alternative point of view on the protection of the immune system, while behind her, in an urban environment, some risk factors emerge in a realistic way. A body demo is then given the task, with the contribution of digital technology, of showing the cellular benefit of Immuno, linking to the headline "Support your immune system cell by cell".

Immuno: the many faces of a great launch

In addition to TV commercials, YouTube pre-rolls and web videos, for Italy ATC has managed all trade and consumer assets both online and offline. It’s been a comprehensive undertaking: from the ADV page to physical materials for the pharmacy context, including display elements, consumer leaflets, folders and product sheets for pharmacists. And then the digital plan, which has put in place carousels and stories for social media, display campaign, landing page on and a DEM saga with targeted messages addressed to doctors and pharmacists. ATC has also taken care of communication adaptations in different markets.

ATC - All Things Communicate creates the Meritene Immuno advertising campaign