The graphic mood of the event created by ATC for Banca di Asti

ATC - All Things Communicate designs the format for events in the branches of Banca di Asti. First stage in Bergamo, with "A meeting worth collecting".

Culture as a value driver for an institution historically positioned as a bank close to the territory.

  • Communication Strategy
  • Concept & Content Creation
  • Storytelling
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Digital Activation
  • Event Format & Naming
  • Event Management
  • DEM
  • Btl toolkit
Value to local presence

With a significant and acknowledged presence in Piedmont, Banca di Asti, a bank with more than 180 years of history, close to the territory and its people, is experiencing a moment of great development beyond its regional borders.

In order to consolidate its positioning in other areas of Italy, Banca di Asti asked ATC - All Things Communicate to create a replicable format of events aimed at customers and prospects, capable of creating important connections with the various Italian territories. In line with an attitude already strongly present within Banca di Asti, the agency chose to encapsulate these values in a project centred on culture, with a specific focus on local excellence.

A successful first stage

The format came to life in the inaugural event entitled "Un incontro da collezionare" (A meeting worth collecting), held at the Banca di Asti branch in Bergamo. The event focused on the 17th century painter Cecco del Caravaggio and featured the prestigious presence of Professor Gianni Papi, one of Italy's leading experts on Caravaggio's artistic universe.

ATC supported the bank throughout the creation, development and management of the activity, starting with the creative idea, which included a speech by the art historian at the opening of the event, and ending with the tasting of one wine from Asti and two from Bergamo, in partnership with ONAV (Organizzazione Nazionale Assaggiatori Vino - National Organisation of Wine Tasters), as proof of the link between Banca di Asti and the territory of the chosen branch.

The agency also studied the naming of the event, the graphic mood and the development of the communication tools used before, during and after the event: a DEM saga, posters, roll-ups, table talkers and a flyer with information on Cecco del Caravaggio, as well as a free entry to various museums in Bergamo and Brescia.

The event attracted a high level of participation and consensus, helping to project Banca di Asti towards new approaches to customer retention and acquisition.