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Fenix: a unique surface to be communicated with the utmost elegance.

Arpa Industriale brand presents its new applications in brochures designed by ATC - All Things Communicate

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year 2021
Fenix Worktops - the integrated solutions

Fenix is a unique material in the field of interior design, characterised by an extremely elegant matt finish and a high level of performance in terms of resistance to micro-scratches, stains... in short, everyday life. These features make it particularly versatile for architectural applications in interior decoration, thanks also to a colour range inspired by both classic and more trendy shades. The company that owns the brand, Arpa Industriale, chose ATC - All Things Communicate to produce the brochure presenting the integrated solutions for the worktops, applied in particular to the kitchen and bathroom environments with sinks perfectly integrated in the Fenix surface finish. To best represent the aesthetic qualities of the material and visualise it within refined, contemporary settings, ATC created a series of photorealistic renderings that highlight the different colours available, while suggesting sophisticated design applications to raise the status of an often overlooked element - the sink, frequently considered for its functionality before its aesthetics.

Fenix Doors - designed by Fenix and engineered by Westag

Very high quality CGI images were used for the realisation of the brochure dedicated to Fenix Doors, created by the German company Westag exploiting the “Made in Italy” elegance of the Fenix finish. In this case, too, the rendered visualisations made it possible to bring the doors to life in an extraordinarily versatile manner, with particularly refined interiors in which to set the different types of doors, representing the wide range of possible applications: from living to hospitality, including contract solutions. The design of the Worktops and Doors brochures represents a new step in the partnership between Arpa Industriale and ATC, which also continues with the creation of communication materials specifically dedicated to visibility at trade fairs.