the new mousse Gourmet Revelations

The innovation of Gourmet Revelations and the Gourmet Atelier in Italian points of sale

The partnership with Gourmet continues with the design of launch materials for the innovative Revelations range and with Gourmet Atelier

  • Content creation
  • BTL
  • POS activation
  • Internal communication and engagement
  • Video editing
  • Trade materials
  • Point of sale materials
  • Banner
A key concept to deliver an innovation

ATC - All Things Communicate produced the materials for the Italian launch of Gourmet Revelations, a cat food rich in sauce and with an innovative pyramid shape. In particular, an extensive toolkit of trade and point-of-sale communication materials was designed to promote the novelty based on these plus points, under the key concept "Delicious to taste, surprising to serve". For communication to the trade, dedicated DEMs and an Adv page were developed to present the product features.

Focus on in-store materials

Communication at the point of sale has been rolled out along the path to purchase, starting with high visibility materials and ending at the shelf. As for the theatricalization, ATC designed a set of materials, including a fully adorned gondola head, an arcade, a display, an interactive digital panel and an original totem with a shape inspired by the product. The launch was preceded by a teaser phase, in which an original on-shelf placeholder invited discovery, anticipating the novelty without spoilers. With the arrival of the product in shops, the on-shelf communication was supplemented, in some specific chains, with a promotional cuvette to enrich the customer experience. The launch was also supported online by a display campaign.

With Revelations, in the new Atelier

The launch of Revelations was an opportunity to present the Atelier concept, with which Gourmet recommends in-store the versatility and preciousness of its offer, summed up in the slogan "where taste becomes style". For this initiative too, ATC - All Things Communicate created the communication materials at the point of sale: from the arcade to the gondola head, from the shelf decoration to the shopping bag, from the consumer leaflet to the promo island. The design of the kit focused on balancing consistency and innovation, enabling the consumer to appreciate both the richness of the culinary options made available by Gourmet and in particular the appeal of the new entry Revelations.