Gefco Unlimited Roads

Gefco: employee branding starts on the right path

A unique event to strengthen the sense of belonging and affirm the value of the employees of a great logistics and transport player

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Solid brand equity is partly built through the perception that internal resources have of the company and of the brand. Corporate reputation is based on multiple stakeholders and, among these, employees and their opinions are important in the assessment of a brand’s health. Gefco Italia is a leading company in the logistics and transport field, with 65 years of experience in the sector. The company’s relationship with its partners and stakeholders is a fundamental component of its DNA (nicely expressed in the Group’s tagline, Partners, unlimited). Gefco asked Atc to help consolidate the perception of the brand among employees.

materiali di comunicazione evento unlimited roads di ATC per Gefco
our approach

In evaluating different strategies to promote engagement and the sense of participation in the life of the company, great attention was paid to the reward and entertainment component in order to establish appropriate internal branding initiatives. This resulted in the idea of ​​a celebratory event, designed to enhance the initiatives promoted by the Group in the last twelve months, and to emphasise the role played by the staff as a key resource for brand success. One year away from the 2017 business convention, the occasion could also represent a good opportunity to capitalize on what has already been undertaken, creating a significant theme among the various management initiatives, with a view to continuity and the evolution of the brand building path.

great attention was paid to the reward and entertainment component for appropriate internal branding initiatives

Set in the splendid surroundings of the violin museum in Cremona, the Unlimited Roads event represented a unique moment for the Gefco staff: from the appearance of the venue, to the entertainment activities, right down to the menu, everything was designed to enhance the individual within the collective dimension of the company. In designing the diverse touchpoints, the brand exclusivity component was realized in the premium staging, characterized powerfully by the 30 m sq projection screen and high-quality materials, meticulously detailed, such as the forex positioned on the various tables. The intention to highlight employee involvement by the brand was also emphasized by a special decorative panel, on which employees were invited to position the company logo, delivered to the participants in special branded couvettes, during the teaser phase in the weeks leading up to the event.

Celebrating employees with entertainment and gaming activities

The spotlight was focused on the employees thanks to a special thematic video playing on the creative link of the timeline, which retraced the company milestones of the last year in a compelling overview: the Kids' Day, the International Tours, the important strategic appointments. All this was done with a focus on the critical contribution that each individual employee had made in the path of company change. The gamification component was certainly not neglected during the event. With the "Unlimited Challenge", the employees, divided into teams, were able to compete with each other in a quiz game, naturally with questions about the "Gefco" world. Last but not least: the day was closed with a solo by professional violinist Sara Zenelli, played on an original Stradivarius. From the pre-engagement of the guests to the post-journey event, the initiative unfolded in a series of unique moments: each one with its own intensity and resonance, but at the same time combining to underscore the value of the employees for the brand.