Fumagalli salumi’s ethical label. Family values. Our products reflect our values

Fumagalli Salumi - Strategy and creativity for rebranding

Development of a corporate key concept and trade and consumer projects

  • Brand strategy
  • Concept & content creation
  • Storytelling
  • Below the line
  • Packaging design
  • UX strategy
  • Web design & digital activation
  • Website and blog
  • Social media plan
  • Adv and communication materials
  • Packaging and BTL
  • Stand design
  • Videos

Can the values of a family business inspired by generations of authenticity, transparency and a strong ethical sense towards people and animals be transformed into a product communication that is extremely close to today’s consumer demands?

Can apparently intangible corporate assets become tangible elements of communication?

The role of ATC has been critical in this “high-level” overview, following through with the main communication activities of the Como-based cured meats brand.

our approach

Starting in 2014, in anticipation of its presence at Expo, Fumagalli, thanks to ATC’s strategy, followed a fascinating path of company evolution and growth, characterised by maximum consistency with respect for its founding values, bringing them from inside the Group to the outside world; towards an increasingly wider audience.
A path that continues today more than ever, with the expansion of the channels involved. The virtues of the supply chain and animal welfare led by the brand, along with transparency, sense of responsibility, sustainability and quality achieved in the area of production, inspired ATC to propose a key concept with high added value, taking the name of the ethical label, accompanied by a logo with the tagline “Our products are the mirror of our values”.

A well-defined assignment executed on several levels; bringing all of the firm’s initiatives of recent years under a single umbrella, both in terms of trade and consumer engagement; a declaration of intent, synonymous with a desire to be highly relevant for the new expectations of stakeholders and consumers.


Having agreed the essential brand communications message with Fumagalli, every project carried out by ATC made use of this intrinsic sense, focusing on truthful storytelling capable of enhancing Fumagalli’s qualities in a “high-level” way. In the trade sphere, the physical stands created for important exhibitions, the videos, the presence in sector publications, and the dissemination of the company's beliefs and goals through targeted on- and offline actions - including the topics conveyed on the LinkedIn platform - have helped Fumagalli achieve new results in terms of credibility and brand value.

In the consumer sphere, important packaging and repackaging projects aimed at several markets, the redesign of the company website, the complete management of social editorial plans increasingly connected to creative trends, and the development of strategic digital assets, have allowed the brand to clearly differentiate itself from its competitors; this is also due to truly virtuous themes, in some ways anticipating arguments that today have global resonance.