concept creativo e design concorso Fini con noi a Modena

online contest "With us in Modena"

Study and development of the supermarket "With us in Modena"

  • Concept & content creation
  • POS activation
  • Web design & digital activation
  • Contest online
  • Landing page
  • Materiale POP
  • Campagna Adv
  • Copywriting Script

Fini is an iconic Italian fine food company, founded in 1912. A brand with a distinctive, local positioning, inseparably linked to the city of Modena, to fresh pasta from the Emilia-Romagna region and to authentic goodness, the legacy of traditional methods and genuine recipes, prepared with great care.

But Fini is also a brand that knows how to be contemporary and smart. In ATC it found the ideal partner to add zest and orginality to an engaging promotion that could otherwise have been quite ordinary; a competition for supermarkets and shops for the Granripieni line, one of the flagship products of the Fini Group.

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our approach

During the preliminary phases of the project ATC researched the existing communications and the promotional operations of the main competitors, deepening the channels and both the online and offline activities of the client brand. This mapping was the starting point for the development process of the winning idea.

At the next stage, the development of the competition capitalized on the brand identity, placing the city of Modena itself at the heart of a satisfying consumer experience.


A competition that the agency managed in full, with synergy between departments. From the naming study to the key visual, 100% focused on Modena, from organising the prizes to the on-pack communication and in-store materials; from the development of the mini-site dedicated to the digital strategy, up to the ongoing metrics aimed at maximizing the ROI. A project whose key strength was enhancing the brand's relevance for consumers with success demonstrated by the online KPIs of the campaign, with a very positive response to the discount coupons associated with the range.

The numbers of a successful competition:
5,000 total users
Almost 3,500 plays
Over 2,000 discount coupons downloaded
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