ATC - All Things Communicate graphic restyling of the Fineco Group's 2019 Sustainability report

Fineco Bank – restyling of the 2021 Sustainability Report

The values of the Fineco Group in a renewed graphic design

  • Communication strategy
  • Concept & content creation
  • Graphic restyling
year 2022
The Fineco 2021 Sustainability Report becomes an opportunity for storytelling featuring images and infographics with great communicative impact

For Fineco, the Sustainability Report is not only a business tool that can be used by external stakeholders; it is also a valuable communications asset able to convey its corporate identity to a wider audience, along with significant achievements in areas ranging from environmental sustainability to gender balance policies.

The task entrusted by Fineco to ATC - All Things Communicate was to create a graphic restyling project that would best capture the group's values. This project was developed through a functional graphic treatment that involved taking a 360° view of the document.

Internal graphic layout of the ner Fineco Group's Sustainability report
A brand identity enhanced by innovative nuances, page after page

ATC's creativity focused on finding a look & feel that could give the text more usability and involve the reader at an emotional level as well as from a visual point of view. A communicative strategy that was achieved partly through the use of Fineco's characteristic colours: blue, grey and yellow; and partly in the selection of the photos at the beginning of each chapter of the report. At every step, this was guided by Fineco's three core values: innovation, transparency and simplicity.

A clean and highly-effective layout that results in a fluid arrangement of the different elements of the document, highlighting the most important topics at the start of the chapter and infographics aimed at improving the reading experience and understanding without distracting the eye.

Infographics in the new Fineco sustainability report
From thought to paper: a synergistic approach to creativity for the new Sustainability Report

In addition to the creative concept and graphic treatment, ATC managed the restyling in a process of continuous exchange with the client. The graphic layout was thus built in a co-creative process with the Fineco team: an operating mode that has borne fruit in terms of flexibility of execution, allowing efficient and rapid management of the project.

Details of the new Fineco sustainability report