The Eridania The sweet feeling of wellbeing contest

ATC - All Things Communicate manages Eridania’s contest both in store and online under the title “The sweet feeling of wellbeing”

An assignment gained following a successful tender for the agency, this activity for supermarkets involved 5 different lines of classic and natural sweeteners from the historic brand: Truvia, Zero, Organic Agave Syrup, Erythritol and Sugar plus Fibre.

  • Below the line
  • Consumer communication
  • Digital asset
  • In store materials
  • Flyer
  • Landing page

The challenge. Intercepting consumers and prospects with an integrated and cross-range promotional approach, focusing on the ranges of Eridania sweeteners linked to a precise seasonality/conceptual area: people's wellbeing deriving from a balanced diet, in which sugar intake is an essential part.

How did the agency respond to the brief? It started off with a highly-effective key concept – “Il dolce star bene” (“The sweet feeling of wellbeing”). This was driven by a promo mechanism that offered a spa box set to experience a regenerating stay in Italy as a prize, dependent on consumers purchasing two Eridania products from March to April '24.

The key visual. The visual was suffused with the wellness mood through a harmonious and elegant logo rendering of the naming directly linked to the image of the prize, in a "graphic movement" completed by sinuous red waves, the brand's heritage colour, which the Eridania packs neatly rests on.

From digital to physical points of sale. In addition to the design and in-house development of the landing page for participation in the contest on the website, ATC followed every aspect of the in-store dramatisation.
Different kits were created according to the square footage of the supermarkets participating in the operation; in larger stores, an extensive promo island was set up consisting of an arcade, a desk for engagement by promoters, a gadget tray with a pocket for flyers, a floor graphic, an eye-catching totem and a set of displays to show off the sweeteners to best advantage.

In other cases, the stand was offered in a “smart” version: a gondola head with shelf pendants or a stand with a crowner, flanked by displays with a gadget tray for freebies.