Innova Lab Due Torri logo designed by ATC

ATC and Due Torri together to launch Innovalab

For the logistics leader, a new concept for events and education, inaugurated at MAST in Bologna.

  • Branding
  • Events & Exhibitions
  • Video editing
  • Naming and logo
  • Engagement video
  • Gift for participants
  • Onsite communication materials
year 2022

From the collaboration between ATC - All Things Communicate and Due Torri - a Bologna-based company at the forefront of the logistics sector - arises Innovalab: the roundtable format inaugurated on 25th November in the amazing location of MAST in Bologna.

Initially begun to create the graphic identity of November’s conference, ATC’s intervention has immediately evolved, thanks to an efficient and productive dialogue with the company, into the idea of turning an individual sharing “episode” into a full-fledged concept to repeat regularly in the future, thus allowing Due Torri to present itself as a steady, believable and acknowledged engine of enterprise culture on the local territory, able to capture and interpret every time the hottest trends and most important themes in the domain of logistics.

Innova Lab event by Due Torri at MAST Bologna

The conference revolved around the issues of evolved logistics, sustainability, and the most widespread trends, in an ongoing dialogue among the participants. In particular, much attention was paid to the territory: a significant topic for an industry in which globalization first and the pandemic as well as the boom of e-commerce later, have forced a continuous confrontation with the constantly changing reality.

For Innovalab, ATC has dealt not only with the generation of the concept but also with the creation of physical and audiovisual communication materials related to the event held at MAST, culminating in the offer to participants of a gift consistent with the sustainability message at the core of the initiative: a cherry sapling

To sum up, a project which could efficiently frame a short-term concrete need within a broader vision, positively impacting Due Torri’s brand equity.