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Future-proofed to inspire: ATC - All Things Communicate creates the concept for Trespa TopLab's new platform

From key concept to visuals, from online visibility to trade fair presence, Trespa has chosen ATC for the communication of TopLab.

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  • CGI rendering
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  • Digital assets
year 2022

Trespa, a leading multinational building materials company, whose long history of innovation has resulted in patented technologies such as Dry Forming and Electron Beam Curing, has chosen ATC - All Things Communicate to create the key concept for its TopLab line of scientific surfaces, engineered for the most sensitive sectors, such as clean rooms and operating theatres, where performance in terms of safety, resistance and hygiene must always be at the highest level.

In particular, the company's Dutch HQ asked ATC to coin a claim capable of testifying both to the renowned reliability of the materials, in terms of durability and cutting-edge performance, and to a renewed commitment to design, in line with the new trends that envisage, even for the most aseptic workplaces, a focus on beauty as not only an aesthetic but also a functional value.

Thus was born the Future-proofed to inspire platform, which finds immediate application in a portfolio of materials intended for Trespa's sales force on a global scale: firstly, four brochures dedicated to the different product lines, plus a digital brochure dedicated to TopLab in its entirety. For these communication materials, ATC completely revised the graphics to give TopLab a distinctive brand identity, but which at the same time is consistent with the Trespa world.

The covers present artistic compositions in which the materials of the TopLab line are mixed with tools representative of the specific fields of application of the different products. Inside, the use of yellow underlining to highlight key concepts is a direct reference to Trespa's brand identity. And the different environments have been realised through photorealistic renderings, in order to achieve both great flexibility in visualisations and maximum control over the characteristics of the chosen settings, given the need to correctly represent materials and locations subject to strict regulatory standards. All this, of course, has been done without forgetting an aesthetic outcome of the highest quality.

Alongside the brochures, ATC has designed a sample kit for the finishes of the new TopLab Plus Align line, as well as a documentation box that allows the company's sales reps to gather various presentation materials within a single container consistent with the new brand image.

In addition, ATC is assisting Trespa with digital and printed communication tools to reinforce the visibility of the TopLab brand in magazines and at trade shows.