ATC All Things communicate progetta e sviluppa il nuovo sito multipagina Wordpress di CNP Sviluppo

Cnp Sviluppo - A fresh new corporate website

Digital strategy for a dynamic player in the Italian insurance market

  • Communication strategy
  • UX strategy
  • Web design & digital activation
  • Website
  • Back-end -implementation
  • Editing immagini
year 2020
Uplifting the brand, starting from digital Online presence is crucial nowadays.We helped CNP build up a stronger digital communication

A division of major insurance group CNP Assurances, CNP Sviluppo operates into the Italian insurance market as a wholesale broker, selling products of both insurers belonging to CNP Assurances Group and other companies. The need to rejuvenate their online presence, in order to better reach out to agents and retail brokers, has pushed the management to ask ATC for a re-design of the corporate website. The just-rolled out new evolves and enhances the previous one-pager, to include comprehensive product pages and interactive contents. The newborn site is simple, effective and readable and qualifies as the ideal core of a digital strategy aimed at reinforcing the brand's efforts for enhancing their network.

ATC- All things communicate new design system for CNP Sviluppo expresses the brand values
A new visual identity: genial, user-friendly, with a professional look How to leave a stylish mark, in a highly visually codified industry?

The communication in the Italian insurance market might constitute a significant challenge for creative teams, which aim at striking a balance between widely accepted visual patterns - soft, cold toned palettes, standard photography and boxy layouts-and a more original signature. We came up with a sign system, a sort of visual brand alphabet, where each symbol is associated with a particular page or content, thus providing at the same time navigational clues for the user and a unifying language that could visually storytell the brand personality and convey a different tone of voice.

Optimising for a scalable digital strategy SEO and usability: the site as a new hub for multi-layered initiatives

The design of textual and visual contents has kept into account the specifics of language and communication within our target audience, which is primarily made up of brokers, agents and insurance intermediaries. Texts have also been optimised with a view of a better ranking on search engines through keywords and keyphrases aligned with the most likely search intents. The website is thus becoming a pivotal asset, adding up to a rich multi-media digital strategy for brand awareness that blends collaboration with insurance magazines, social media and more.

A solid SEO strategy and curated UX are the hallmarks of this project for a company of the CNP Insurance Group