retail category communication

Category communication: designing an increasingly effective customer journey

Design by ATC - All Things Communicate to optimize the retail shopping experience

  • Trend & Landscape analysis
  • Brand assessment
  • Customer journey mapping
  • BTL
  • Retail communication materials
year 2010-2019
A virtuous synthesis of experience and specialization

Over the decades, ATC - All Things Communicate has gained long and extensive experience with top-flight customers along the entire supply chain, from production to logistics to wide-scale distribution. Direct contact with the real needs and challenges of the various players has allowed the agency to develop specific expertise in category projects, within which the mastery of design as a communication tool and close attention to feasibility in the production phase are key assets to transforming choice at the point of sale into a win-win opportunity for retailers and consumers.

Designing retail around the person

Within a category project, the various levers that determine a shopper’s behaviour find their rationalization: both those linked to conscious decisions and those that combine to create a stress-free context for orientation and choice. The attitude of ATC - All Things Communicate to design in terms of the customer journey and path to purchase means that the agency has established itself as a proactive partner for category managers, not only in terms of design and shelf communication, but also consultancy in the definition of touchpoints and possible thematic areas.

ATC takes into account paths and distances to distribute priorities
From path to purchase to shopping experience

In the design phase, ATC - All Things Communicate takes into account paths and viewing distances to distribute the various priorities: from facilitating orientation to communicating specific messages. All this, with respect not only to functional priorities related to navigation, but also to the evolution of the shopping experience within the store, leads to a less and less product-centered experience and one that is increasingly oriented to meet the customer’s needs - including those regarding information and lifestyle.