Il nuovo logo di ATS creato da ATC

ATS enters a new era with the relaunch by ATC - All Things Communicate.

A deep rebranding starting with a completely re-imagined corporate identity, a renewed value proposition, a new website and a big launch event.

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30 years of history, 30 years of future

ATS is an Italian fintech excellence that has been working since 1993 with major players in the capital market and enterprise sectors, such as Euronext. The 30th anniversary of its foundation was the culmination of a path of corporate evolution that ATS chose to seal with ATC - All Things Communicate. The close collaboration between the two companies has resulted in a new corporate identity, the highlight of which is the new logo: at first glance, a completely disruptive proposal that nevertheless preserves the strength of the brand's heritage in the pictogram. From the choice of colours to the lettering, ATS's new personality expresses both creativity, to underline the innovative nature of its advanced technological solutions, and reliability, to confirm a value that the company has built up through long-term relationships with leading customers. In addition to developing the logo, ATC also refined the ATS value proposition, expressed in the tagline "Advanced solutions, powered by technology, fueled by people", to emphasise not only the company's capabilities, but also its focus on people.

The evolution of the new image, from the company profile to the website

ATS's new image immediately took shape in some key communication tools, starting with the company profile, which has been graphically reinterpreted and its content revised to reflect ATS's evolution and represent the company with the best balance between synthesis and completeness. The website has also undergone a structural overhaul: in addition to updating the image, the architecture and UX have been rationalised to promote intuitive and efficient navigation on all devices. In particular, the site has been redesigned to present itself more directly and effectively to the two main target categories: clients (existing and prospective) and talent. Dedicated navigation paths lead each audience to the most relevant information, with complete freedom of use, of course, so that no silos are created, but rather preferential access to selected content.

An event to launch the next 30 years

To present its new image to customers and prospects, ATS organised the event “30 years into the future” in Milan’s Step high-tech environment, offering guests a talk with a panel of experts on the theme 'From automation to hyper-automation in the capital market and the corporate world'. ATC took care of the communication, starting with a paper invitation with a teaser of the new image in the form of a hologram, and continuing with digital invitations. For the evening, ATC produced two videos with a strong emotional impact, destined for different moments and spaces in the course of the event, as well as a more targeted support on the history and solutions of ATS, in a user journey that accompanied the guests in their discovery of the company.