Brand design ATC - All Things Communicate for Arpa Industriale

A design response to a business challenge

The KBB Birmingham event: initiating a new multi-channel positioning strategy.

  • Branding
  • Communication strategy
  • Concept & content creation
  • Events&Exhibitions
  • Digital activation
  • 3D modeling
  • Video editing
  • Brand image
  • Exhibit booth
  • Display design
  • DEM
  • Landing Page
  • Brochures
  • Elevator Pitch
  • Social media management
year 2020
Side-by side with Arpa Industriale for an ambitious pilot launch The integration of three leading brands set to grow in the worktop sector

In the universe of interior design, the world of materials represents a fascinating category, poised on the border between aesthetics and performance, art and industry, inspiration and practical implementation. In this sector, Arpa Industriale is at the cutting edge, thanks also to the innovative FENIX® range. On the occasion of the KBB Birmingham event in March 2020, for the first time, the company (headquartered in the town of Bra, Italy) integrated the proposition of its top brand with the Getacore and GetaLit brands of the German partner Westag, creating a specific offer for the worktop sector: a perfect match between Italian design and German manufacturing. A complete package that demonstrates true innovation, with the United Kingdom representing the initial market in Europe for Arpa Industriale and Westag.

From brand image to stand design B2B creativity to become significant throughout the supply chain

The task that Arpa Industriale has entrusted to ATC - All Things Communicate was to create a brand image project that synthesized the strengths of the three brands, respecting on the one hand their specific strengths, and on the other hand leveraging the importance that the integrated offer has from a B2B perspective. This is how the "Worktop Solutions" project was born, culminating in the design of the stand: an original structure, in which an ideal ribbon generates three arches, each realised in one of the three "hero" materials of the proposal. Inside the exhibition area, ATC has created three displays for the samples, which after the event will be reproduced in kitchen stores, both as a commercial support asset and to increase the visibility of the three brands to the end customers.

A multi-channel approach segmented by target From sales support to communication for professionals and designers

In addition to the stand, ATC has designed a support materials kit dedicated to the sales force, which includes a trade presentation brochure and a one-page summary, to facilitate the so-called "elevator pitch". The launch of the new project at KBB was also supported by a social campaign, covering both LinkedIn and Instagram with targeted creativity, in order to intercept Arpa's broad spectrum targets, simultaneously exploiting the business leverage for the commercial audience and bringing artistic inspiration for architects and designers.