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Creativity, concreteness and efficiency for events in the Public Sector segment

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year 2015-2022

Amazon Web Services has developed its leadership in cloud-based services not only through cutting-edge technological solutions but also by developing its ongoing relationship with stakeholders. In particular, the Seattle-based company strengthens the Public Sector segment by organizing, sponsoring or participating in key events around the world. For initiatives based in Europe, Amazon Web Services chose ATC to share the task of ensuring consistency and effectiveness in communication, rationalizing the management of resources.

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our approach

ATC has set up a partnership with Amazon Web Services, where efficiency in logistics and event management is combined with the creation of communication solutions, in compliance with Amazon’s corporate image, aimed at ensuring brand stand-out in the various venues, providing immediacy in the use of content and stimulating the interest of participants with creative projects that are always both inspired and feasible. Above all, solutions must be delivered at the speed of thought and execution that both Amazon Web Services and ATC share.

ATC has created special hubs for production and sorting

ATC has developed an internal supply chain for Amazon Web Services in which the different talents are activated according to the characteristics of the event. The "core" represented by logistics and management, which includes the preparation of a basic kit of communication materials, periodically adapted, is complemented by the activity of the creative department, where the specific nature of the event requires the creation of initiatives and tools for greater engagement with participants. In addition, to maximize the efficiency of the roll-out across Europe, ATC has created special hubs for production and sorting located in several key points of the region: Dublin, Manchester, Milan, Paris and Berlin.