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Creativity, concreteness and efficiency for events in the Public Sector segment

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Amazon Web Services, a leading provider of cloud-based technology services, has chosen ATC - All Things Communicate for its Public Sector events in Europe. To ensure the success of these important events, ATC supports AWS by streamlining resource management and ensuring consistency in brand communication.

our approach

ATC has set up a partnership with Amazon Web Services, where efficiency in logistics and event management is combined with the creation of communication solutions, in compliance with Amazon’s corporate image, aimed at ensuring brand stand-out in the various venues, providing immediacy in the use of content and stimulating the interest of participants with creative projects that are always both inspired and feasible. Above all, solutions must be delivered at the speed of thought and execution that both Amazon Web Services and ATC share.

The projects

ATC has developed an internal supply chain for Amazon Web Services in which the different talents are activated according to the characteristics of the event. The "core" represented by logistics and management, which includes the preparation of a basic kit of communication materials, periodically adapted, is complemented by the activity of the creative department, where the specific nature of the event requires the creation of initiatives and tools for greater engagement with participants.

In addition, to maximize the efficiency of the roll-out across Europe, ATC has created special hubs for production and sorting located in several key points of the region: Dublin, Manchester, Milan, Paris and Berlin.

Recently, ATC was involved in the planning and management of the AWS Initiate Roadshow, a series of staged events aimed at presenting cloud services throughout Italy and targeting local professionals from both the public and private sectors. The Roadshow delivered testimonials on the use of AWS technologies to Bologna, Naples, Florence, Bari and Genoa, culminating in a final event in Rome. For these sessions, ATC selected and managed the host structures and coordinated multiple suppliers, as well as producing some communication materials including roll-up banners and gadgets for the participants.

Other significant steps of this partnership included the design and creation of the stands for the 2021, 2022 and 2023 editions of ANCI, the important trade fair dedicated to the representatives of all Italian municipalities, which in the previous editions also welcomed the participation of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, and other relevant Italian public figures.

The most recent ANCI stands that ATC was in charge of combined the presentation of AWS services with a broader Amazon offering.

In order to ensure the best user experience, the Amazon & AWS spaces were therefore designed to create an immersive journey where the visitors could discover and learn more about the services thanks to monitors and corners showing insights into the many AWS and Amazon areas.

The stands also included private meeting rooms for business meetings and a refreshment area where visitors were offered coffee. In addition to the branded walls, ATC also created branded brochures and gadgets for ANCI participants.