april 2017

Meritene Vitachoco spot airs with the help of ATC

ATC's commercial TV for Meritene Vitachoco

Giving consumers a “feel” for the product can be a powerful tool to convince them to choose, like and maybe share it.

In a new short commercial for popular supplement Meritene Vitachoco by Nestlé Health Science, we have been trying to transform a daily occasion of consumption into a gratifying taste experience, rendering the flavour, consistency and ultimately the benefits of the product unique.


What is the best way to make consumers “feel” the taste, texture and benefits of a product, before they consider sharing, liking or responding to your call to action?
Good storytelling and a key message focused on what makes that product unique.

We have just released a 10-second TV commercial for Meritene Vitachoco, a popular multivitamin supplement, which forms part of a full range of wellbeing products, specifically designed for adult consumers by Meritene, a brand of Nestlé Health Science Group. Packed with 17 vitamins and minerals, this product consists of a mouth-watering Swiss chocolate praline and provides significant nutritional benefits along with a great taste experience. This combination is a core element of the product’s USP. The project team sought to capitalise on this by representing a daily moment of consumption as a highly pleasurable experience.

In the short video, the praline takes centre stage along with its female consumer, a female office worker busy at her desk, depicted “supercharging” her energy levels with Meritene Vitachoco, before heading into the next meeting.
The commercial was realized in collaboration with production agency Black Mamba and has been on air since March 5th, on all major Italian broadcast television channels.