october 2016

Bringing Generation H2.O to life

Brand Week Waters Nestlé

Held in Barcelona from 30 May to 1 June 2017, the Nestlé Waters Brand Week was the company’s first global meeting. An important event, which demanded a more engaging setup to impress and inspire, was achieved thanks to the collaboration between ATC, Alpha Events and TORRENTS & FRIENDS.

As the flagship of the entire initiative, the naming and the logo are reminiscent of the chemical formula for water and the familiar shape of the location icon. The concept “Generation H2.O” conveys a strong idea of shared values and a sense of belonging, with the aim of strengthening bonds between all employees working for one major brand. Hence, all the details and touchpoints of the attendees’ journey during the two-day congress needed to be carefully crafted to energise the whole event.

We wanted to give a physical form to the essence of the company’s corporate values, adding a dash of fun to put an extra smile on the faces of Nestlé’s employees.
Positioned throughout the space, the big, bold letters “BW” in bright colours helped to emphasize every touchpoint of the user journey; from the invitation cards to the badges at the registration point, and from the plenary sessions hall to the conference party.

To help create a more cohesive environment and celebrate the values of networking and connection, we organised business speed dating encounters for initial introductions among employees from different markets and brands. Over the three-day meeting, we managed to create an environment where people could network with peers, enjoy quality time and live the brand and its values to the full.