june 2024

The Sales Deck Makeover for GSE by ATC – All Things Communicate

The look and feel of GSE's new sales presentation by ATC

The international general contractor has entrusted ATC with the redesign of a crucial communication tool for their sales representatives.

ATC – All Things Communicate's expertise in B2B communication tools was the driving force behind our new collaboration with GSE, international general contractor and European leader in the design and construction of logistics and industrial properties.

Specifically, for the Italian branch of the multinational company, we handled the graphic redesign of the sales deck used by sales representatives to present the company to prospects. The document's revision, conducted through constant dialogue with GSE, preserved the key elements of the corporate image, aiming to enhance the effectiveness of the messages, particularly through the redesign of infographics and the rebalancing of the relationship between textual and visual elements.

"The sales deck is a crucial tool for a salesperson, which unfortunately is sometimes undervalued or left to personal creativity," explains Communication Director Karim Ayed. "This is not the case with GSE, which has shown great attention to respecting the corporate identity, communication flow, and the need to make data, concepts, and case studies easily accessible and understandable, even when they are not always easy to communicate."


infographics and layout of GSE's sales deck redesigned by ATC