february 2021

The partnership between Saint-Gobain Italia and ATC is born

Repackaging by ATC – All Things Communicate for Gyproc-branded Saint-Gobain Italy's plaster range

ATC - All Things Communicate has created a new B2B concept and a new graphic look for the Saint-Gobain Italia plaster range under the Gyproc brand, engaging the on- and offline professional applicators audience. This is a significant communication project because it has given the range a distinctive brand image within the market segment, clearly distinguishable from other players.

"Everything runs smoothly". This is the key-concept developed by ATC - All Things Communicate for Gyproc, a leading brand in the production of dry systems and plasters for construction, part of the French group, Saint-Gobain.


A simple and direct message that promotes the product innovation of the range of join fillers in paste and powder form, completely renewed thanks to formulations that provide professionals with superior flow and improved workability during application.


The repackaging by ATC enhances the end benefit for the professional with a clean and minimal design: a perfect vertical line, traced flawlessly by a spatula on a join, characterizes a distinctive graphic format, clearly inspired by the construction world, which fully interprets the key-concept.


Also on the front of pack, great importance is given to the specific pluses of the individual items, positioned in a cascade next to the main line.


In addition to the repackaging, the agency also took care of all the other communication materials that are part of the relaunch. The B2B advertising campaign, the general brochure, on whose cover the new image of the range stands out, plus a demonstration video for plasterers uploaded on the YouTube channel. Here, the "line" element has been exploited with a particularly dynamic approach, echoing the manual skill of the professional shown in the demo.


Advertising page with the new B2B concept by ATC - All Things Communicate for Saint-Gobain Gyproc plaster range


Still on the web, space was given to a banner campaign activated on sector portals in various formats. Finally, a DEM narrative that urged the target audience to learn more about the technical details of the range, thanks to which they could "reach a new level of performance", to quote the strapline of the advertising campaign.