november 2022

The energy of a brainstorming to co-create the new trade communication strategies

ATC - All Things Communicate took part in a workshop with Fumagalli Salumi

ATC - All Things Communicate coordinated a workshop with Fumagalli’s marketing and sales departments, to lay the foundation of the new B2B strategy.

The twenty-year partnership between Fumagalli Industria Alimentari and ATC - All Things Communicate has strengthened further through one of the most impactful means to create B2B strategies and toolkits which successfully integrate the vision of Marketing and the needs of Sales: the workshop.

Led as a goal-oriented brainstorming, the workshop at Fumagalli’s gathered Marketing and Sales (Italy and International) departments, to share the viewpoints on the ongoing transformations of markets, B2B relations and consumer habits after the great watershed represented by COVID-19 and the lockdowns.

Together with the ATC - All Things Communicate team, the participants examined B2B targets, and communication channels and touchpoints, to verify the state of the art of current communication tools, share their strengths and weaknesses, and set out the priorities of their evolution.


ATC - All Things Communicate team with Fumagalli's marketing and sales reps


“The workshop has been the chance for a very useful and stimulating internal debate which has allowed to involve the whole sales department in marketing projects”, says Arnaldo Santi, Fumagalli’s Export sales and Marketing Manager. “From this point of view, ATC’s experience has undoubtedly been precious for the event’s success”.

“ATC strongly believes in workshops”, says Donatello Occhibianco, the agency’s General Manager. “In our experience, harmonizing the visions of Marketing and Sales upstream allows to save time and resources, to reduce the margin of error in communication projects and to enhance the sense of belonging to the company by key-people, who are proactively involved in the strategy creation process”.

A win-win solution for the company and the agency, which in the specific case of the partnership with Fumagalli is an exciting harbinger of all the communication initiatives expected in 2023.


The definition of the new b2b communication strategy for Fumagalli