june 2024

“The art of eccellence” is the 2024 contest launched by Gourmet and managed entirely by ATC – All Things Communicate

The Gourmet contest

An example of a stylish and memorable operation aimed at customer loyalty. Until December 2024, Gourmet’s “The art of excellence” allows cat owners to win a prize that celebrates the relationship with their pet. ATC - All Things Communicate, which has long been at the side of Purina Italia's flagship brand, was chosen to follow the entire creative and operational process, from the design to the full management of the activity.

Project objectives

The objective was to encourage loyalty among Gourmet Italia consumers with a surprising contest, different from all past operations, that could fully reflect the brand's elegance and reputation, and involve all the products of the brand portfolio.

ATC's work: from prize selection to development and online and offline management

After identifying the concept “The art of excellence”, the first phase consisted of working alongside the client on the contest and on the prize: a prestigious picture to cherish as a precious memory. More specifically, an artistic portrait of the consumer’s cat, to be won by draw by spending a minimum amount on Gourmet products.

ATC designed a key visual in which the clean, elegant graphic style representative of Gourmet communications is central. The naming is portrayed in a sinuous script font; the visual elements, carefully balanced through the colour bands, highlight the brand’s hero cat, the depiction of the prize and the Gourmet sub-ranges involved in the operation.

The agency created several communication assets: from a full in-store set-up for the grocery channel with the integration of BTL elements, to the online engagement including the development of EDM and a banner campaign.

In addition to the deliverables created for online and offline amplification, ATC also took care of the logistical-organisational management of the prizes, effectively covering the entire project development.