may 2023

Sustainability is on the way with Levissima and ATC – All Things Communicate

Levissima's 100% electric e-truck, made with the creativity of ATC

The 100% electric e-truck has hit the road to bring the untouched purity of the Levissima water (coming from the western borders of the Stelvio National Park) to its consumers with net-zero emissions.

A strategic asset belonging to the “Regeneration” project, which includes all Nestlé main sustainable initiatives: from the R-PET recyclable packaging to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

ATC – All Things Communicate was chosen to design the graphics for the truck. The final version highlights linearity and Levissima’s brand colors through shapes and patterns that suggest dynamism while smoothly incorporating sustainability-related elements.

ATC has also written the copy: alongside informative messages, we developed the claim “Zero emissions on our way”, which sums up the actual aim of the project to whoever may come across the truck on the Italian roads.


Levissima's 100% electric truck, made by ATC, has begun its journey from alpine peaks to italian supermarkets.