june 2016

A new online platform for Willis Towers Watson Affinity market

Sicuri con Willis Tower Watson header website

In an era when much of customers’ interactions with brands happen online, ensuring a great digital presence is crucial for companies aiming at building loyalty, improving visibility and, ultimately, maximizing the benefit of conversions.

We helped global insurance company Willis Towers Watson to promote their web presence relative to the affinity segment, by acting on different communication situations, UX and design components.
With over 40,000 employees and business activities spread across 140 countries, Willis Towers Watson is a leading global advisory, broking and solutions company.

We have been working with the company to the design and implement a dedicated online platform for the affinity segment of their Italian market, with a two-fold purpose:

  1. providing potential customers with user-friendly information about the company's products and services;
  2. giving existing customers an easy-to-use platform to manage their policies and subscriptions.

Sicuri con Willis Towers Watson soon became a huge project, which required creativity, some excellent UX design and a lot of strategic thinking.

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Willis Tower Watson new website is mobile -first


Strategic thinking: the springboard of the whole project
We kicked off the project by analysing all the main features of the affinity segment. Who are our users going to be? What are they going to look for on our website?
By trying to answer these questions, we got a better understanding of how to structure our information architecture to both cater for the needs of the audience and to deliver the key communication messages in the most direct way.


User Experience and interactions Willis Tower Watson website


Ensuring the best user experience
A key component of todays’ web design is the quality of the user's interaction with and perceptions of a system. The team worked on improving user experience, acting on its different components: page usability, quality of the content and giving the interface a pleasant look and feel. By simultaneously leveraging all these values, we ensured that the Willis Towers Watson platform will keep users on the page and drive interaction.


Usability is key in ATC's design of website Sicuri con Willis Tower Watson


Design solutions for a warmer Look&Feel
Communicating the value of intangible products and services can be daunting.
The introduction of illustration as a hallmark of the platform’s visual identity helped make a serious subject easier to digest, rendering it more approachable and friendly even for a non-technical audience.

Tweaking content for a better SEO
With Search Engine Optimisation as a primary concern for every digital project, we worked on increasing traffic to the site by means of a careful keyword strategy, combined with a streamlined page structure. Our web team works continuously to keep the content fresh and relevant, attract Google’s attention and intercept users who are searching online.