october 2023

Sanpellegrino entrusts ATC - All Things Communicate with the toolkit for S.Pellegrino water retail communication worldwide

S.Pellegrino “Bring Your Best“ campaign

The creativity of the in-store materials reinterprets the new key concept “Bring Your Best“ at the point of sale.

The story of the collaboration between S.Pellegrino, the historic symbol of Italian fine dining in the world, and ATC - All Things Communicate is enriched by a new important chapter. The brand's International Business Unit has chosen ATC to design the communication toolkit for the various channels where the iconic sparkling water is present.

The challenge for ATC was to reinterpret the new key concept "Bring Your Best" and the associated design guidelines in the light of the specific reality of the retail channels. In particular, to find the optimal balance between the role of in-store materials at each stage of the purchase journey, design appeal and brand visibility.

"This collaboration represents a new success in our partnership with S.Pellegrino," comments Patrizia Baffa, ATC Account Director in charge of the project. "We are excited not only for the creative quality of the output, but also because this work represents best practice in agency-client relationships. Despite the complexity of the project, a constant and productive dialogue allowed us to approach the work with great efficiency, leading quickly to a result of which we are all proud".

The kit, which includes traditional assets as well as more unconventional options, provides international markets with modular composite solutions that can be produced in different materials. This flexibility makes it possible to adapt to different space and budget requirements, always guaranteeing a high level of visibility and enhancing S.Pellegrino's premium image worldwide.


Several in-store communication materials by ATC for Sanpellegrino in 2023: bundles, totem, standing display unit, arch, endcap