october 2022

Purina wanted a major comeback to the grocery channel for its snacks and chose ATC - All Things Communicate for this project.


“It’s nice to come back home. Let them know with a snack.” states the main claim created by Purina Italia for its extensive grocery channel operation, supported by both corporate and promotional communication assets.

For this campaign the key concept has been especially significative, as it best represents Purina’s brand positioning on this specific and increasingly relevant market segment.

The key visual created by ATC – All Things Communicate depicts an emotional scene. A dog and a cat are portrayed waiting to be reunited with their owner. This scene highlights the relationship between pet and owner at snack time, a fundamental bonding moment that also serves as behavioural reward. A graphic device with a wavy outline completes the communication format showing the range logo – a kaleidoscope of snacks - and the headline, an eye-catching strategy adopted by ATC to help the reading of the additional messages.

The in-store communication materials developed by ATC also explain the mechanism of the contest: by registering on the Purina website, the consumer could win a year-round supply of Purina pet snacks.

The creative idea was then translated onto flyers for large-scale retail chains and petshops. Moreover, the agency was also entrusted with the task of designing the set-up materials for the Virtual Room of the brand.


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