january 2022

Nexity chooses ATC - All Things Communicate for the 2022 social media strategy

ATC has been put in charge of Nexity's social media strategy

New topics and new creativities to sharpen the visibility and reach of the French real estate multinational group.

The partnership between Nexity and ATC gets deeper thanks to a new important project: the 2022 social media strategy.

The scope of work includes the main social channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn), for each of which the plan entails made-to-measure approaches, to maximise efficiency and reach more specifically the different target audiences.

The editorial plan on Meta social media gains new topics aimed to reinforce the notoriety and perceived image of Nexity, a French multinational group which covers the Italian market with high-end residential projects. Namely, Facebook and Instagram will show content ranging from concrete benefits deriving by the choice of a Nexity solution to a focus on interior design, through the brand’s involvement in cultural initiatives, as well as in-depth posts regarding the city areas where new constructions will be built. All with different languages, depending on the specific social medium.

On LinkedIn, the strategy will unfold with a more focused attention on the business target, leaving more room to subjects such as partnerships with brands in the domain of design, or market information addressing more specifically the real estate sector.

Naturally, considering the fluid nature of social media, serialized topics will live together with “on the spot” content inspired by trends, novelties and hints coming from those domains which directly or indirectly concern a company like Nexity, such as the real estate market but also design, living and the developments in urban planning in the smart cities era.

Along with producing organic content, ATC will also manage targeted campaigns, aimed to increase the awareness and interest of Nexity and its specific projects among the most suitable audiences.


Editorial plans by ATC for Nexity on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn