february 2022

Multi-branch insurance policies? With CNP Partners they become a game

Collaboration between ATC and CNP for the communication of multi-branch policies

With ATC - All Things Communicate, gamification makes consultants’ job easier

CNP Partners, an insurance company within CNP Assurances group, has put ATC in charge of devising a tool to help consultants to compose and explain multi-branch policies, which are highly flexible saving management assets.

The outcome of the project is a web app hosted on the company’s website. The software allows to “play” with all the available compositions in the policy, to create countless tailor-made solutions. Thanks to the smart graphic interface and the simple explanations of the specific funds, consultants can shape the most suitable proposals for their customers.

The online tool has been promoted with a direct email marketing flight and a targeted ads campaign, to raise the interest and participation of stakeholders in the finance sector.

Beyond digital, ATC has also prepared a “table top” version of the tool which CNP sends to those consultants who request it after having played online: it’s a sales instrument which favours customer engagement, turning into a simple interactive experience a moment which can otherwise prove difficult, because of the potentially complex nature of financial assets and also because savers do not always master the necessary related competencies.