march 2022

Mon Amour needed a restyling to highlight the softener’s new formulas. ATC - All Things Communicate did it

Paglieri's Mon Amour softeners as restyled by ATC

The Mon Amour brand is tied to a well-known laundry care product range owned by Paglieri, historic Italian company founded in 1876 by a family of master perfumers from Alessandria.

ATC - All Things Communicate has been put in charge of the complete restyling of the regular softeners range, today with a more concentrated formula, which lets consumers enjoy fewer washings.


Mon Amour's Blu Mare, Oro Argan and Igiene Attiva


While keeping the clearly recognizable format as well as the direct link to the brand’s key concept “Love for your laundry”, the agency totally redesigned the visuals, allowing for better distinctiveness for the three sku’s-perfumings Blu Mare, Oro Argan and Igiene Attiva.


The Mon Amour logo has now a three-dimensional look


So, on the front of pack, the “multiheart-heart” of the Mon Amour logo gained a livelier and more materic look, while first- and second-level information has been dynamically reviewed, with a more rational architecture of messages; all this, respecting the colour coding, rendered more vivid and intense.

The restyling has been cornered on an evolved enhancement of the brand image, with a sharp focus on the added value - both emotional and sensorial - given by the individual fragrances.