september 2023

Mobilsedia's new website goes live with ATC - All Things Communicate

The restyling of the Mobilsedia website

The Brianza-based excellence in furniture design renews its online presence with us.

Mobilsedia, an Italian company that has been specialising in the production of metal furniture for over sixty years, has chosen ATC - All Things Communicate for the complete redesign of its website.

The reason for the relaunch was the growing success of the brand, not only in the production of chairs and tables, but above all in the engineering of metal furniture prototypes for architects, contractors and retailers.

"Faced with the extreme confidentiality of this new category of projects, ATC's approach was to make the top sellers of the Mobilsedia collections the visual protagonists, alongside a selection of success stories from the furniture prototyping and customisation business," explains Karim Ayed, ATC's Communication Director. "The UX and content strategy, for its part, favours immediacy and synthesis in order to immediately convey the reason-why of the company's new focus."

"We definitely recognised ourselves in ATC's approach, which combines creativity and pragmatism," comments Nadia Alboresi, owner and designer of Mobilsedia. "The commitment shown by the agency in the preliminary stages of the assignment, to fully understand the specific nature of our business, translated into a particularly streamlined workflow, which in a very short time led to a result that was definitely satisfactory".