march 2022

Micam is back “live” from march 13th to 15th in a very complex scenario

high fashion and footwear at micam

Despite the postponement because of Omicron, problems are not behind our back: on the contrary, they have grown. On the bright side Micam, the main Italian event for the footwear sector, reopens at Rho Fiera Milan, albeit among all the difficulties generated by the conflict in Ukraine.

Micam is ready, the world is not. The terrible ongoing war, involving important production districts in Ukraine and Russia (the latter being the 10th market for Made in Italy, with 3Mio shoes sold), will prevent many buyers from being there. On top of this, one should also account for the spike in the costs of raw materials, energy, as well as the sanctions on Putin’s nation and the crumbling value of the ruble.


micam and the importance of shoes for made in italy


All these are heavy loads on the partial optimism gained back by the sector in Italy in 2021, strengthened by a +18,7% in revenues compared to the previous year.

It is therefore unlikely that the market (and the general outlook) will quickly revert to pre-Covid levels. Nevertheless, Micam aims at maintaining its international scope, presenting the 2022/23 collections to a worldwide audience, with more than 820 exhibitors and a new area dedicated to sustainability.

Great expectations concern especially creations by emerging designers, as well as the events within Micam X, the innovation hub where the main trends (both overall and specific to the footwear sector) will be presented throughout the three days.

Hoping that the war stops raging as soon as possible…


great expectations for the innovations in footwear at micam