march 2021

Levissima with ATC - All Things Communicate for an Italian record

ATC designed the label for the first 100% R-PET recycled plastic bottle in Italy for Levissima

Levissima has produced the first 100% recycled plastic bottle in Italy. It’s a record that we celebrate together, since the label chosen by the Sanpellegrino Group’s brand to communicate it in points of sale all over Italy springs from a creative project by ATC - All Things Communicate.


The selected message to launch Levissima 100% R-PET is “Ricicliamo Insieme” (let’s recycle together): a simple and effective claim which proactively involves consumers into the sustainable culture and behaviors which the brand promotes.


In the design, “green” features play a key role, together with a graphic treatment which recalls a hand-made style, to encourage the perception of naturalness on the one hand, but also of everyday simplicity on the other. A chance to visually reinforce the easiness of recycling, proactively involving consumers in a collective action to protect the environment.


This project marks a new, positive step in the partnership between ATC and the leading brand in mineral waters. Our agency has supported Levissima also during the steps of insight and consumer test, carried out by specialized firms chosen by Nestlé. The insight step has allowed to define together the conceptual perimeter of the messaging, whereas the consumer focus group has helped in highlighting the most effective and liked solutions, in order to fine tune the design details.


The result of this fortunate co-creation is now available at retailers all over Italy: a further step towards a “greener” world, where all the involved actors have given their constructive and fundamental contribution of expertise.