march 2023

Levissima chooses ATC – All Things Communicate to promote the new Issima Smurfs limited edition in stores

The Smurfs licensed packaging designed by ATC for the new Issima special edition

A project that teaches children how to take care of Mother Nature day by day, inspired by their favourite blue characters. A new look for Nestlé’s Issima, which once again chose ATC – All Things Communicate to make its 33 cl water bottles for kids stand out in the grocery channel.

6 different bottles to collect, each portraying one of the most beloved characters on the show: Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Hefty Smurf, Smurf Lily and the evil Gargamel with Azrael. As they celebrate their 65th anniversary and have been appointed ambassadors of the global goals for sustainable development of the United Nations, the Smurfs are the stars of the Issima 2023 Limited Edition ATC created the offline materials for.

Starting from the packaging, with the graphic design of the 6 labels. Every colourful background pattern developed by ATC reflects its character’s peculiar features: dumbbells for Hefty, glasses for Brainy, bow and arrow for Lily and so on.

ATC has then planned and created all POP materials for in-store communication: the standing display unit to showcase the bottles, the two-faced pop-up totem, the floor graphic guiding the attention to the new “smurfy” range and the leaflet, a small educational guide that explains the whole project.

In the first pages, consumers and prospects can find out about the most important milestones of the brand’s commitment to sustainability, how to recycle the bottles in the right way and how to take care of Mother Nature. In the following pages, they can read the story of each character and, moreover, they can find colouring pages, stickers and recycling-themed games.


The 3D totem and the standing display unit by ATC for Issima The Smurfs in-store communication