september 2022

Levissima chooses ATC - All Things Communicate to create and launch the 2022 Issima special edition in collaboration with Trudi and Stelvio National Park

Issima and Trudi together for a special promo with Stelvio National Park

For several years, ATC - All Things Communicate has been in charge of the Issima repackaging and in-store communication. Issima is the 33 cl range by Levissima made for children. This year, the brand has chosen a partnership that is not just visually appealing but also educates about sustainability, wildlife and land conservation, supported by the agency on several levels.

In 2022 Issima started this new licensing project, based on a double deal with Stelvio National Park and the toy brand Trudi, which provided 6 different stuffed animals – with 100% of the stuffing made out of recycled plastic – inspired by the animals living in the Stelvio Park, where Levissima water comes from.

Buying Issima, consumers can collect the eagle-owl, the arctic hare, the wolf, the marmot, the red squirrel and the fox in their plushie version and discover more about Levissima’s commitment; the brand belonging to Nestlé will contribute to research on the biodiversity of two protected species of the Park: the wolf and the bearded vulture.

The licensed packaging created by ATC uses appealing graphics to place the consumer’s attention on the gadget and celebrate the species. On the front of pack, the depiction of the stuffed toy stands out against a colourful background, linked to the animal’s actual habitat thanks to different patterns. A call to action invites to collect all the bottles of the range. On the back of pack, the toy itself encourages the consumers to find more info on the Levissima website through a QR code.


Grocery channel materials for the project licensed by Issima and Trudi


The in-store experience is enhanced by eye-catching materials, all designed by ATC: a standing display unit that gives relevance to this communication and showcases the whole range of the new edition, a display box for the stuffed toys, leaflets that give insightful information about each species, a desk to engage consumers and give them a short guide on the partnership, on Stelvio National Park and its animals, along with a colourbook with funny text.

Moreover, ATC also designed the special gift box containing the 6 stuffed animals and the 6 Issima versions given to influencers in order to amplify the new launch on social networks.


For Issima 2022 edition, a colouring leaflet and a gift box for influencers