october 2018

Komoosee: dressing up the exquisite Sicilian Cuisine

Komoosee Sicilian products

We designed the packaging and the brand image of a new born Sicilian food company: by investing in traditions, localism and premiumness.

Crafting an outstanding exterior to convey innovativeness
As marketers, we encounter lots of would be disruptive brands everyday. Komosee is truly so. Through an hybrid e-commerce platform and exploiting the most innovative digital tools, like touch screen window-shops or totem, placed in strategically relevant spots in Sicily, the brand creates the first touch point between the tourist and the enogastronomic heritage of the insular Italian Region.

Besides contributing to build awareness around the food and beverage regional choices, their website allow users to ship anywhere in the world, no-fees annexed, through a simple touch.

ATC developed a concept for the company brand image and packaging, leveraging on values such as tradition, localism and premium ness, which are embedded in their products. From the latter, they end up mirrored in an emotional and immediate manner in the packaging.

We looked for inspiration in traditional Sicilian craftsmanship: jewels and patterns. Also, the suggestions from the regional nocturnal landscape played an important role in our design.

The elegance and the simplicity of the design creates a strong family feeling within the range and its various sub-ranges; the graphic cleanliness proves functional in giving great emphasis to ingredients, genuine and typical, and in stressing the value of Made in Italy.

Drawing from the textures off traditional Sicilian jewels and from the suggestions of the island’s nocturnal landscapes, our team created labels where culture and food tradition blend and open the doors to a journey of discovery of Sicily, which commences just right from the packaging.

Komoosee fish products